Shellharbour transportation service

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If you need cargo or vehicles transported, but don’t have the right equipment, Shellharbour City Towing Service is the right choice for the job. Regardless of what you need to transport, we will ensure it gets safely to its destination. We have the right truck and equipment for any cargo, including:
• Cars
• Motorcycles
• Utes
• Trucks
• Buses
• Shipping/storage containers
• Show cars
• Industrial equipment
• Caravans
• Portable buildings
• Boats 

Our staff is specially trained and qualified

We have 3 trucks of different lengths available, and can transport any load up to 9 tons and 8.6 metres. If it will fit on our truck, we will transport it. No load is too big, small, or delicate for our expert operators to handle. We work 24/7, so we have drivers available for overnight delivery and after-hours service.

Shellharbour City Towing Service can transport anything, anywhere, anytime. We’ve transported countless vehicles and other items for pleased customers over the past 20 years. If we weren’t any good at what we do, we wouldn’t still be in business. See what decades of experience can do for you, give us a call today for a free quote.
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